Semi-metallic Formula Brake Pads

Metallic-based Formula Series is designed for most road condition, with very balanced performance. With stronger braking power, shorter braking distance, and longer service life, this series are more enconomic for your road life.

Semi-metallic Formula Brake Pads

Sometimes it’s just for survival, for a better life in the future. Running around, safety is the only thing to consider, that’s enough. Bull Brakes’ smetallic based formula series brake pads are more economic, safer and serve longer, guaranteeing your life on the road.


Friction Hybrid Compounding Technology

Merging with Bull Brakes‘ the most leading Friction Hybrid Compounding Technology to creat new friction fomulation. Each intergated formula are formulated at a moleculare level to determine the formula structure. Like Fri-Taxi formula, as one of the most hot item, is created in such technology.

Postive Molding Technology

Using the most advanced one-step molding process to suppress;Accurate weighing and feeding, applying with Bull Brakes’ the most leading Friction Hybrid Compounding Technology, each piece is just right.

Heat-conducting materials

Fri-Taxi uses a variety of heat-conducting and heat-dissipating materials to facilitate heat dissipation during braking, thereby reducing brake fade from high temp.

Friction perfomance Modifiers

A variety of friction modifiers are added in proportion to make the brake pads more wear-resistant, less likely to fall off dust and less likely to produce noise. The most important thing is to greatly extend the service life of the brake pads to ensure that the taxi will brake effectively for a long time.


1. Variety of groove(slotting) designs according to different models of brake pads: Single Straight, Single Slant, Double Straight, Double Slant, Single Eccentric;

2. Groove design is conducive to ventilation and heat dissipation, effectively reducing brake fade from high temp.;

3. During braking, groove can also increase the drainage andsewage capacity, keep the brake pads and brake discs clean.

4. Friction dust can be discharged through the groove, thereby reducing the brake noise and mating parts damage, prolonging the service life of brake discs and brake pads

5. Good groove is a warning line. Visually check is simple and safe.


1.Variety of chamfer designs according to different models of brake pads: Parallel Segment, Anti-segment, Parallel J-scoop, Radial J-scoop;

2. Specific angles of chamfering design can increase heat dissipation area during the braking, thus to remove waste heat during the braking much faster, and reduce brake fade.

3.Suitable chamfering design can reduce the contact area between the brake pads and the brake disc, thereby reducing the damage of the mating parts during the running-in period.


1. Using high-quality Q235B carbon steel, with high yield points at 235MPa, no possible to bend during the braking

2. Thickness is uniform, flatness is controlled within 0.1-0.2mm

3. Quality is stable and consistent

4. Molds are manufactured according to the FMSI standard drawings

5.Strictly produced, accurate size to match for the OE brake capilers and brake discs

6. Perfectly fit in the caliper, thus reduce the noise caused by friction with the caliper accessories during braking


1. Applying the most advanced electrostatic spraying process, suface of brake pads will be fully covered by the atomized powder coating, no area will be missed

2. Atomized powder coating is evenly and effectively dispersed on backing plates,with the thickness of the powder coating up to 90μm

3. Effectively prevent the steel back from contacting with oxygen, thereby oxidizing

4. Extending the service life of brake pads


UAI noise absorbinbg shims are designed to effectively prevent the transmission of vibration and noise from the brake pads by reducing the effect of the dynamic forces generated during braking, enhance the confort of braking experience.

UAI damping solution is a overall NHV solution for brake pads, providing different surface finishes and colors. Shims can be buckles clamp-on design or full adhesive coverage design.We design for silence braking.

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Workshop Machines Gallery

1. Automatic Blanking Machine

Used to cutting the rough piece of backing plates from steel sheets or steel rollers, with this fully automatic machine, we can reach to a high production capacity, and labor saving at the same time.

2.Automatic Backing Plates Processing Line

Used to process the hole punching, pin punching, side edge pressing and fine blanking from the rough piece of backing plates, full automatic, high production capacity.

3. Automatic Material Weighing and Distribution System

Used for weighing separate raw materials automatic, then discharge to the linked Mixer. Fully automatic base on the friction material formulation.

4. Plough-chopper Friction Materials Mixer

Used to mix up the separate materials discharged from the automatic material weighing and distribution system. Plough-chopper mixer is the best choice for friction mixing.

5.Automatic Friction Materials Weighing Machine

Full automatic, and high accuracy, to prevent workers from dusting environment.

6. Automatic Shot Blasting Machine for Backing Plates

It can remove the oxidized layer of the backing plates, and also optimizes the surface before gluing to improve the gluing quality.

7. Automatic Spray Gluing Machine

Used to spray the glue evenly and full coverage on the backing plates before pressing. Improving the bonding strength, we do our best.

8. Hot Press Machines

Using the most advanced one-step molding process to suppress;applying with Bull Brakes’ the most leading Friction Hybrid Compounding Technology, each piece of brake pad is just right.

9.Thermal Curing Oven

Making brake pads is like baking cakes, time and temp. of curing are very important to every piece good formulated brake pad.

10. Combined Grinding Machine

We use this machine to process the friction surface slotting(grooves), chamferings, coarse and fine grinding, until each piece of brake pads is OE qualified, with acurate flatness and roughness on the surface, remarkable chamfering and slotting.

11. OE Scorched Machine

We have many OE qualified and E-mark certified formulas require for surface scorching, to present a carbonized surface 1.5mm deep from the friction surface, this machine is much helpful. Scorched surface is designed for instant friction, allowing to obtain brake effectiveness immediately.

12. Electrostatic Powder Spraying Process

OE qualified brake pads requires OE qualified anti-rust technology, we have it with this advanced equipment. Suface of brake pads will be fully covered by the atomized powder coating, no area will be missed;

1. Printing on Brake Pads

Each pc of brake pad will print brand logo, standard OE codes, friction level, and unique tracing numbers and date. Better and easier for aftermarket service for long time.

2. Plastic Film Shrinking

Each set of brake pads will use plastic film shrinking to fasten inside of the inner box. Prevent pads crash from long way transportation

3. Corrugated Paper

The inner box is made of A-grade raw paper material, and the proportion of the three-layer cardboard is 1:1:1, with the most reasonable configuration ratio, thus the box is more robust and resistant to breakage.

4. Color Box & Outer Cartons

Bull provides 7 color boxes with different specifications and sizes to match different sizes of brake pads and reduce the bumps caused by the shaking of the brake pads during transportation. Each 10 or 20 sets of same model of brake pads, we will put them into a outer carton, to fasten the inner packages, thus to protect the brake pads from crash and damages

5. Shipping Mark on Pallet

There will be a shipping mark on each pallet for sea transportation and logistic purposes, also easy for you to trace and identify

6. Outer Cartons Label

There will be a label on the outer carton, easy for you to trace and identify

7. Label on Color Box

Each color box will stick a label, showing standard OE codes, drawing of thr brake pads and suitable car models, each for your to match and pick up

8. Pallets

All the brake pads will be pallatized for sea transportation, and we will use fumigation-free wooden board fixes the surroundings to further strengthen the stability of the pallet, thereby reducing the damage of the brake pad due to internal and external reasons

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