How To Identify Ceramic Brake Pads?

Option 1:
We can identify the ceramic brake pads with color by which these specialists call it as “hardcore color”, it looks like the surface of pebble, but without any sharp lights, because we know the metallic brake pads, such as semi-metallic brake pads, low metallic brake pads have such kind of sharp light.

Option 2:
We can identify the ceramic brake pads by hand touch, if we we touch the surface of ceramic brake pads by figure, there are no any black or other colors on our hand, expect for the dust, but if we touch the metallic brake pads, there will remain some black metallic powder.

Option 3:
The real ceramic brake pads don’t rust even it’s wet in water, because there are no metallic fiber in it, while if we open the box of metallic brake pads, it must rust even without water, because there are some friction materials metallic fibers, such as copper fiber, steel fiber, steel wool, and so on.

Option 4:
After we use the ceramic brake pads, we can find there are white powder after braking, and it will not damage the brake rotors, while if we use the metallic brake pads, there are black friction powers, so we know these are the powers from all kinds of metal fibers and carbon fibers.

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