How Long to Replace Your Brake Pads—-A Problem Can Not Be Ignored

People often asked that how long the brake pads to replacement are the most appropriate. This is a hard question to answer. In addition to run long distance is relatively save the brake, the most important is whether the driving way properly. Such as driving of advance, if it can be a good grasp, you will find that there is no need to hit the brakes many times. In general, a pair of brake pad with 100000 kilometers is out of question, even up to 150000 kilometers.

Brake pads replacement

Due to the frequency of each driver on the brakes, it is difficult to define how long brake pads need to be replaced. At the time of routine check, seeing the brake pads wear degree is the only way. if it have reached a critical point,  you should have replaced it immediately.

Disc brake pads replacement is relatively simple. Remove the tire, loosen screw brake pliers, then you can take down the brake pads, and put on the new. The whole process in 5 minutes at most, and does not require any adjustments

Drum brake replacement is slightly difficult, it needs to remove the wheel, and then remove the brake drum, and then you can replace the brake pads. You should pay attention to the overlap between new brake pads and brake drum, if overlapping badly, sometimes still need to be polished. When assembling, need to adjust the clearance between the brake pads and brake drum. All in all, this is a slightly skilled job.

The right way to driving can make brake pads longevity

When you encountered problem you’ll slam on the brake, this is the people’s favorite bad driving skills, but in fact is also the hidden danger of the accident. I believe that you may have such experience: the car in front goes well, the road ahead is nothing is wrong, but It happens to somehow come on a foot brake, make the car caught off guard, even a great possibility of rear-end.This is what a typical road killer.

In addition, some people in the process of driving, the foot has only two choices: fuel up or on the brakes. The frequency of the brakes reached the high level. In fact, such people are not in the minority. The result of doing so is after2-3 million kilometers journey; you have to change brake pads.

The correct way of driving is maintain concentration at any time and keep your ears open. Find the problem receiving slowdown in advance. According to the changes of the situation to decide whether the brakes. To do so, it can not only save gas, and can prolong the service life of brake pads.

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